Medicare Supplements

A Medicare Supplement can help fill in the gaps to protect you even more.

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Medicare Supplements

Medicare is fantastic coverage, but it will only cover about 80%. A Supplement policy will cover the deductibles and expenses that Medicare won't cover. You will still be part of Medicare, but you will benefit from more protection against unforseen charges.

Medicare Supplement plans, also known as Medigap, are policies sold by private insurance carriers to cover the costs that Medicare does not; such as co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles. A supplement will cover its portion of the bill after Medicare has paid its part and can offer coverage for items Medicare does not, such as travel outside of the United States, chiropractic care, and fitness memberships. If Medicare covers the claim, your supplement will cover the claim and rarely will you see a bill.

In general, Medicare Supplements do not rely on a network of doctors, but rather, will allow you to see any physician as long as they accept Medicare. Some plans may have more restrictions, so please check with your insurance carrier to confirm. National supplement plans allow you to see any doctor that accepts Medicare, whether right here in Wisconsin or snow-birding in Florida.

Q. If I don't like my Medicare Supplement Plan, can I switch later?

A. You can apply for a Medicare Supplement any time of year, but once you are no longer in your Medicare open enrollment (or special enrollment period) you would have to answer health questions and your application would be subject to underwriting approval. That's why it is such an important decision. The benefits on an individual Medicare Supplement are guaranteed renewable for life. So, you don't have to worry about your benefits changing every year. Choose a good one from the start and you won't feel the need to switch later. That is why working with FCIS will help make your transition to Medicare smooth!

Q. When will I be eligible for Medicare?

A. For most people, Medicare begins the 1st of the month they turn 65. However, if your birth date is on the 1st, then you will be eligible the 1st of the previous month.

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